Meet Swati Mohan: Chief Executive Officer of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission

Meet Swati Mohan: Chief Executive Officer of NASA's Mars 2020 mission

Before the endurance probe landed on the surface of Mars, steering room cameras constantly showed a NASA executive wearing one of India’s traditional symbols, which caught the attention of many social media users.

NASA’s Endurance Probe successfully landed on Mars on Thursday night. According to all missions, NASA showed the command room, where engineers anxiously stared at the screens. One of the people whose faces we constantly saw before landing was a woman with a perfect English accent but a red dot or “bindi” on her forehead. Revealed An Indian, like many successful NASA engineers, he is an immigrant.

Swati Mohan was born in the Indian state of Karnataka and immigrated to the United States with her family when she was one year old. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell University and a master’s degree and doctorate in aeronautics and cosmology from MIT. Mohan has been a member of the Return to Mars 2020 mission team since 2013 and has a track record of working on the Cassini mission team.

Dr. Swati Mohan, Director of Navigation and Control Operations at NASA’s Mars 2020 mission, is responsible for ensuring that the endurance spacecraft is on track. Swati was the star of the control room as the endurance prepared for a terrifying landing on nearby Martian surface, transmitting almost all the technical information of entering the atmosphere, decreasing altitude, and eventually landing.

Interestingly, when he was explaining the technical details of the mission, the mole on his forehead caught the attention of many users and drew them to social media to thank him for using this traditional symbol.

By visiting the Mars 2020 mission team page on NASA’s website, you can find all members involved in the mission, including several Iranians, including Pegah Pashaei, an automotive systems engineer, and Melody Safavizadeh, a senior project manager. “Psyche” and “Time Message” are the PIXL system engineers.

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