Member of the Board of the National Association of Virtual Businesses: Separation of the Union is Illegal

انتخابات هیات مدیره اتحادیه کسب و کارهای مجازی ۲۳ فروردین ماه برگزار می‌شود

A member of the board of directors of the National Union of Virtual Businesses emphasizes that the action of the Ministry of Silence to separate this union is illegal and an insult to the private sector. He called the secession an unprofessional move in the interests of certain individuals and said that the status of the union elections would not be known until the opinion of the Chamber of Trade Unions was announced.

The National Association of Virtual Businesses is facing big and small challenges these days. An hour ago, the Ministry of Silence announced the separation of the union, which added to the ambiguities. Accordingly, the Ministry of Silence at the request of the Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Separation of Virtual Business Associations Agreed to two virtual distribution and service business unions.

But Reza Al-Futansab, a member of the National Union of Virtual Businesses, told Digiato that the Ministry of Silence was illegal:

“According to Note 7 of Article 21 of the Trade Union Law, the formation of new unions must be proposed by the Chamber of Trade Unions and approved by the Minister of Silence. “But this condition is not met for the separation of the Virtual Business Association, and the separation is completely illegal.”

He lamented the decision of Minister Samat without considering the legal issues, stating that the recent action is an insult to the private sector: “The views of the private sector in this regard were announced through various authorities. The union separation plan has no basis and no meaning, nor does it conform to the law on improving the business environment. “The law emphasizes the need to facilitate business conditions, which will not be achieved by creating a new union.”

According to Ulfat Nasab, the Virtual Business Association currently consists of different working groups that oversee different businesses, and there is no need for such a separation in these circumstances.

Emphasizing that the Iranian Chamber of Trade Unions was not aware of the secession and did not agree with it, he lamented the repetition of illegal actions in the new government: “The law has completely delegated this task to the Iranian Chamber of Trade Unions. “Although there has been talk of this, the latest move has been made without informing the guild chamber.”

A member of the board of directors of the National Association of Virtual Businesses said in response to a question from Digiato whether they would pursue this action from legal authorities or not:

“This is illegal and unprofessional, and we will pursue it 100% from the guild chamber, the parliament and all legal authorities. “It’s clear what the motives are behind the decision, which will be announced a week before the new union elections.”

He believes that in case of separation, the power of the union will decrease and cause disputes: “According to the law on improving the business environment, the High Supervisory Board and the Chamber of Trade Unions are trying to reduce the number of national unions. “But now the gentlemen in the Ministry of Silence are looking to start a new union.”

Holding union elections in an aura of ambiguity

While due to the coincidence of the union elections with the month of Ramadan, this Elections to 19 May Was postponed; With the recent incident, everything seems to be in an aura of ambiguity. Al-Fatnasb said that it was necessary to wait for the union chamber to deal with the separation of the union in order to decide on the election of the board members of the union of virtual businesses.

However, he believes that the postponement of the elections due to the month of Ramadan is no more than an excuse for the profiteers to convince the Minister of Silence to do so, regardless of the private sector:

“The intention behind this decision and the people who are looking for it must be determined. Not only is the business plan divisive, but some people are also strongly opposed to it. “Therefore, it is necessary for the ecosystem to concentrate more and more.”

The member of the National Union of Virtual Businesses concluded by emphasizing that the plan to separate the union would cause despair and frustration for businesses, and the impact of government change on union processes.

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