Member of the Central Council of Nasr Keshvar: Building a Persian stream means wasting billions of tomans

راهنمای خرید آنلاین بیمه بدنه: جبران خسارات انواع خودرو‌های مقصر

A member of the Central Council of the Computer Guild Organization of the country, stating that spending billions of tomans to develop projects such as native scanner and native scanner is not the right move, described this process as a waste of time and money. He stressed that these issues should be left to the private sector in order to be realized in the right way and in the long run.

“The private sector is the main foundation for playing a role in completing and Advancing the national information network. “At the same time, one of the main pillars of the national information network is the content and software infrastructure, which is generally to be covered by private companies that are members of the Computer Guild Organization.”

He also stated that the technical study shows that in terms of software and software infrastructure in the field of advancing the national information network, there is enough internal capacity and in special cases, external tools and infrastructure available in the market with the support of domestic companies, can “Relying on internal power, we can be sure that the software infrastructure can be implemented and domestic companies;” he said. “Both in terms of internal software and external software, they can be accountable.”

Lack of economic justification for building small-scale hardware equipment

A member of the Central Council of the Computer Guild Organization of the country emphasized: In the world and also in our country, manufacturing hardware equipment in small circulations has no economic justification and the name of supplying hardware equipment can not be called dependence, but a natural path that must be followed.

In response to a question about the failure of projects such as Native Streamer to complete the content of the national information network, he said: “These projects are not the right move and will only waste time and money.”

The former head of the country’s computer trade union organization continued, “If the work is left to the private sector, this sector can play a good role and can use any tool and external market presence in this direction.”

Self-sufficiency means the power of presence

The Ayatollah also continued his explanation: “When we want to have internal infrastructure, we must first produce enough content that has not been given enough attention to date, and if the government has enough reliance on the private sector and the right path “Through this section, we can continue this movement and eventually reach the necessary self-sufficiency.”

“Now that we are in the information age, the concept of self-sufficiency means having enough power in the technology space and creating enough content, in the traditional sense that everything has to be done by ourselves,” said a member of the Central Council of the Computer Guild Organization. “It is contradictory to be built.”

He concluded: “It is not the whole story that we use native browser instead of Google’s service, but we have to rely on native data and content in this unknown path, because native content production and data dominance, at the end of this path. “It will be self-sufficiency.”

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