Meta acquires Luxexcel; Invest more in Metaverse

Meta acquires Luxexcel;  Invest more in Metaverse

Meta confirmed that a Dutch company called Luxexcel which specializes in making lenses for smart glasses. This company has increased its investment in Metaverse through the acquisition of Luxexcel.

“We are thrilled to have the Luxexcel team join Meta to deepen the existing collaboration between the two companies,” Meta said in a statement issued by Ryan Moore, the company’s head of financial communications. Of course, the terms of the contract between Meta and Luxexcel have not been published yet. Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s CTO and head of the Reality Labs team, revealed in a post earlier this month that the company is devoting about half of its Metaverse-focused operating budget to augmented reality (AR). While the other half is devoted to the creation of virtual reality products.

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Dutch company Luxexcel

Founded in 2009, Luxexcel claims to be able to inject the elements needed to create an augmented reality experience into a prescription lens, such as holographic films and projectors. In 2021, the company partnered with WaveOptics to develop a lens equipped with a waveguide system. This system consists of a transparent display that creates virtual items on the real world image.

Even though Meta is working hard to make the first pair of AR glasses, there’s still a chance we won’t be seeing such a product anytime soon. Bosworth, director of the Reality Labs team, says Meta’s augmented reality glasses will require “years of development.” Because this company is looking to build a device that is slim, light, fast and strong. According to a report in June, the first version of the Meta AR glasses will be available only to developers.

However, it seems that the meta is getting closer to its goal. Because it has added color video to its new and expensive Quest Pro headset. Also, the company collaborated with Ray-Ban in 2021. The purpose of this collaboration was to launch Ray-Ban Stories, a pair of smart glasses equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone. Of course, the lenses don’t come with a built-in display, and perhaps the purchase of Luxexcel is a turning point for Meta to reach its goal.

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