Meta has probably disbanded the XROS development team for VR and AR headsets

متا احتمالا تیم توسعه سیستم عامل XROS برای هدست‌های VR و AR را منحل کرده است

According to a new report, the meta-group is almost 300 people Dismissed employees working on a hybrid operating system for AR and VR headsets and sent troops to other parts of the company, including the AR glasses team and the Achilles headset.

The source who published this report is the publication The Information Is. The report says the meta members of the team are working on XROS operating system Were sent to departments such as the Aria Project and the XR Tech team, which focus on developing eye, hand and other machine perception capabilities.

Meta’s spokeswoman Shiva Slovan declined to comment on the XROS team in response to a media request for comment, but spoke implicitly. “We are always developing the company’s team structures to bring our big products to market quickly,” he says. With the direct use of operating system unit engineers AR and VR teams We can speed up the development of solutions that are optimized for each product. As we have said before, there are several technical ways to make these products and we remain committed to building specialized systems. In addition, we want to continue investing and optimizing to More speed “Let’s move on and achieve the big goals we have in mind.”

Meta probably goes back to Android

In January, rumors circulated that Meta had stopped all or most of its XROS-related activities and instead wanted to focus on modifying its Android-based platform. VROS Let. This platform was previously used in the Achilles 2 headset. However, Meta denied the rumors at the time, saying it did not intend to stop developing its operating system.

Now this decision can have different consequences for the meta. On the other hand, we can see an increase in the speed of supply of AR and VR products, but probably these products still Dependence A lot to Android will have.

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