Meta is looking for a paid blue verification badge called Meta Verified

Meta is looking for a paid blue verification badge called Meta Verified

Facebook’s parent company Meta is preparing to launch a subscription called Meta Verified It’s blue for the verification badge, a new service just like what Twitter had previously offered to monetize. On Sunday morning, Mark Zuckerberg took to his newly launched broadcast channel to share the news. In this regard, he said that this blue badge subscription service gives users the possibility of more protection against impersonation and direct access to customer support.

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$15 per month on iOS, Android, and $12 on the web

Zuckerberg explaining the features of Meta’s blue approval badge said:

‚ÄúThis feature is about increasing reliability and security across our services. Meta Verified will cost US$15 per month when users subscribe through the company’s iOS and Android apps. On the web, where app store commissions do not apply, the service will cost $12 per month. {One} subscription covers both Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Meta blue approval badge

Users must meet certain eligibility requirements before they can sign up for Meta Verified. In particular, the company to Engadget announced that this subscription will only be available for users 18 years and older. Meta also requires potential subscribers to share a government ID that matches their name and profile picture on their Facebook or Instagram account. Once this identity is verified, the user can no longer change their profile name, username, date of birth, or photo without going through the verification process again. Accounts that were verified for being significant prior to today’s announcement will remain verified.

Along with benefits like blue badges and increased search visibility, Meta offers verified subscribers 100 free stars, a type of digital currency that users can use to tip creators on Facebook. This subscription will also come with access to exclusive tags for use in Stories and Reels.

Meta blue approval badge

Rumors that Meta is preparing to test a paid verification service all started at the beginning of February, when engineer Alessandro Palozzi discovered code that referred to “paid blue badges” and “authentication”. became. Early Sunday morning, social media consultant and former Next Web reporter Matt Navara noticed that Meta had posted an Instagram support page with subscription details, but shortly after, Zuckerberg took it down before the Instagram post.

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