Meta limits the recruitment of new staff in order to reduce costs

متا با هدف کاهش هزینه‌ها استخدام نیروهای جدید را محدود می‌‌کند

According to reports «CNBC” And “BloombergMeta intends to temporarily reduce or even stop recruiting middle- to senior-level employees. This policy has been adopted in an effort to reduce costs. “Meta has suffered extensive financial losses in recent years, linking it to Russia’s war with Ukraine and the company’s changes.”Apple” At IOS privacy settings Knows.

This is while the latest meta quarter earnings results (Former Facebook) Has been better than expected and its active users have increased. However, the company also expects revenue to decline in the next quarter, linking it to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

«David and Art“Facebook has experienced a sharp drop in revenue since the start of the war in Ukraine due to the loss of revenue in Russia as well as declining demand for advertising in Europe,” said the company’s chief financial officer.

In addition, Facebook expects due to changes in Apple’s privacy settings in «iOS» Ten billion dollars Lose your income. Earlier this year, Apple introduced a new feature that allows advertisers to access codes on virtual networks IDFA Mobile device restrictions restrict users.

This code allowed Facebook to connect users to their data and display ads to them. Before the change took effect, Meta asked users to enable tracking of their activity on websites and apps, in the hope that the company’s revenue would not decline.

Meta spokesperson for publications said“We regularly assess the company’s need for specialized staff and, depending on the amount of revenue and the need for an efficient staff, we decide to increase or decrease the hiring rate. “Our focus is on long-term projects, which is why financial evaluations are so important.”

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