Meta puts an end to the ban on cryptographic ads on its platform

متا به ممنوعیت تبلیغات رمزارزها در پلتفرم خود پایان می‌دهد

Meta (formerly Facebook), referring to market maturity and regulatory measures, has announced a new policy for cryptocurrency advertising on the platform, which will end the ban on cryptocurrency advertising on its platform.

Meta has finally banned the advertising of its cryptocurrencies by expanding its accepted surveillance licenses, which now number 27. Ends.

In a post entitled “Expansion of Qualifications for Advertising on Cryptocurrencies,” the company explains that increasing market maturity and oversight measures have persuaded them to change their position on cryptocurrency advertising.

The cryptocurrency community certainly has problems with the company because of Meta’s actions as a social media company and the cryptocurrency-related attacks. However, lifting the ban on Ramzarz advertising can make some people happy, as it increases public presence in the market. On the other hand, it can increase the rate of fraud by ignorant people.

However, more oversight by technology giants and regulators is expected to reduce the risks involved. On the other hand, Meta is preparing the Metavars project, which will naturally attract important cases from the field of cryptocurrencies.

The Quinn Meta Stable project, also known as Diem, has apparently stalled. There have been some reports of the currency launching by the end of the year, but recent reports do not appear to be very optimistic.

Meanwhile, David Marcus, head of Meta Ramzar projects, recently announced that he would leave the company by the end of the year, and Democratic senators in the United States have called on the company to stop the Novi digital wallet.

While the company’s Diem project does not seem to be happening anymore, Meta is preparing to form Metavars. The company’s efforts have also generated a lot of enthusiasm in the market for related projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.

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