Metavars or crypto cities; Where is the future of the world heading?

متاورس یا شهرهای کریپتویی؛ آینده جهان به کدام سمت می‌رود؟

After Facebook decided to change the company’s name to Meta and build the digital world of Metavars with blockchain technology, Vitalik Butrin, the creator of Atrium, came up with the idea of ​​crypto cities.

What is the difference between Metavars digital world and Vitalik Butrin’s decentralized crypto cities? In which one will the quality of life be higher and which of these ideas will the world show more inclination towards?

The world is getting weirder and weirder and more complex. If in the past migration from rural to urban areas was discussed, now along with issues such as leisure space travel and the construction of space towns, other interesting and different topics such as Metavars digital world and crypto cities are raised.

Crypto city

Vitalik Butrin, one of the founders of Atrium, raised the issue of crypto cities after the idea of ​​Metavars was introduced. He believes that the future of the world is moving towards decentralized and independent cities called DAO.

Vitalik Butrin says Metavars does not really exist and is a digital and virtual world. Now we have the real world, and we can make the world a better place to live by making changes to it and with the help of the idea of ​​crypto cities. The basis of the crypto cities that Butrin mentions is the structure of DAO‌.

The idea of ​​DAO‌ cities or CityDAO is to build a city on the Atrium blockchain where the idea of ​​DAO‌ dominates everything.

DAOs are decentralized, self-centered organizations whose laws are pre-written and enforced by their citizens. He pursues the idea of ​​urban tokens for these crypto cities.

According to him, each city can become a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO and have its own NFT and city tokens. For example, Vitalik Betrin says that a token is used on the bitcoin network to develop Miami, and that the idea of ​​DAO and the NFT project in Renault, Nevada, is being tested.

In the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies, CityCoins.co actually offers coin exchange services. The city of MiamiCoin is now established, and it looks like the San Francisco Coin will be created soon.

Vitalik Butrin claims that blockchain-based cryptocurrencies can have many benefits. In such cities, the use of blockchain can be used more efficient and new methods for the ownership of various lands and assets.

Many governments around the world have an inefficient and slow approach to responding to the long-term problems of their citizens and causing rapid changes in the basic needs of the people. The DAO idea says that cities can be organized in a decentralized way.

This idea can create many challenges and opportunities, but this approach can play an effective role in many areas, including urban planning, public transportation, and many other areas of urban governance. In such cryptocurrencies, people’s privacy is highly valued, and blockchain and cryptographic technologies can be very promising and pave the way for greater public participation.

Metavars or crypto cities Where is the future of the Metavars or crypto cities; Where is the future of the world heading? 2

Decentralized Automated Organization or DAO

Vitalik Butrin’s idea of ​​cryptocurrencies is based on the DAO idea. DAO means decentralized independent organization, but the question is what does DAO really mean and how are DAO or DAOCity cities governed?

In DAO-based organizations, that entity is managed independently without the need for coordination with a central entity, and blockchain can enable new versions of DAO organizations.

In fact, in a decentralized independent organization, DAO is run by code and computer programs, rather than human resources. In fact, in such organizations, smart contracts execute orders and tasks, and processes are performed without the intervention of human resources.

The members of such an organization do not have a specific formal or informal contract. Instead, members pursue a common goal based on group consensus rules, and things work with network incentives.

In such an organization, in fact, all people have an effective role in advancing things, but all processes are decentralized and independent. Such an organization has no central power and has an approach contrary to traditional companies.

Financial structure in crypto cities

One of the most important issues in cryptocurrencies is the financial and economic structure. In the crypto city that Vitalik Butrin talks about, every city can have an economy in line with its citizens and trade with its tokens.

The tokens of each city have their own charm, and the independent economy of each city can help to rotate the wealth among the citizens of that city. In cryptocurrencies, financial and social communication models are being revised, and blockchain-based solutions can lead to clearer financial perspectives for such cities.

NFT assets are becoming increasingly popular in such cities, and digital currencies are being used for financial transactions. But most importantly, the economic structure is based on blockchain. In Crypto cities, the way people invest will also change, and it seems that the citizens of such cities will invest more in tokens.

Of course, various economic ideas have been proposed to run such cities. For example, one economic idea about cryptocurrencies states that if citizens collect a certain number of tokens, they can receive some services for free.

Even in such cities, the way taxes are collected will change. Although the details of that hose are not clearly explained, there are pilot plans for taxation in Crypto cities.

The main idea in such cities is to reduce the wealth gap between the rich and the economically weaker, so that such people can also become financially rich by storing cryptocurrency tokens and get out of financial difficulties.

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Metavars, a virtual transcendental

Metavars is made up of two words, “meta” meaning beyond and “universe” meaning world. In fact, the meaning of metavers means transcendental. Neil Stevenson first used the word metavers in his 1992 book Snow Crash, which actually describes a three-dimensional virtual world of real people avatars. In this story, two delivery drivers travel to the world of Metavars to save themselves from a ruined capitalist city.

Metavars is not a physical and tangible world and has no external existence. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Metavars is a collection of virtual spaces in which people who can not be together in physical space gather together.

For example, in this digital world, they can buy land for themselves, build on digitally purchased land, and even build digital skyscrapers. A digital plot of land worth $ 2.43 million was recently sold in the Decentraland online and virtual environment, which will be used as a virtual shopping mall in the future.

In addition to buying real estate, other digital assets are also traded on Metavars. For example, for 149 Atriums, for about $ 650,000, a person bought an unrealistic, virtual yacht on the Sandbox Metavars platform, but can never physically set foot on it, and is an NFT digital asset.

Given the focus that companies have placed on the Metavers area, it looks like the future will be in that area. A new report from Trendforce also confirms that the revenue of the Metavars industry will reach $ 540 billion in the next four years.

Digital and metatarsal twins

One of the main uses of Metawares is in digital twins, which means copying real-world objects in the digital world. In fact, whatever exists in the real world, twins are made of it in the virtual world of Metavars.

This technology is currently used by some companies but is expected to grow much more in the future. Companies that have used digital twin technology to date include Microsoft, Boeing, Ericsson, Unilever and Siemens Energy.

Microsoft introduces digital twins in its multivariate technology stack so that users can build digital models to simulate real-world objects. Boeing, on the other hand, uses digital twins to build the engine and Unilever to simulate production lines and reduce waste.

Siemens Energy and Ericsson have switched to Nvidia’s Omniverse platform for power plant management and maintenance operations. They also use the technology to simulate equipment allocation to 5G networks.

Applications and activities in Metavars do not end there, and more and more companies are entering this digital world every day. Of course, according to analysts, Metavars has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, one of the main benefits of Metavars is the induction of a new sensory to the user. In other words, Metavars induces the user to feel that he is in a different space and can interact and communicate with others in that different space.

Metavars or crypto cities Where is the future of the Metavars or crypto cities; Where is the future of the world heading? 6

The difference between Metavars and the crypto city

While Metavars is a virtual world in which people interact with each other in a virtual and unreal way, this is not the case in the crypto city and everything is real, but such a city is governed by the idea and technology of cryptocurrencies and even the urban management model. It is also based on the structure of the autonomous and independent DAO organization.

In fact, instead of using cryptocurrencies in a virtual world, Vitalik Butrin says, use it to live in today’s cities and build a different world. In addition to being able to communicate with each other on Metawares, people can also have non-physical digital assets in this meta-world.

Metavars can have applications in some industries, so a growing future may await it. For example, the use of digital twins in the short and medium term can probably be used for training related to human resources, diagnosis and investigation of some issues remotely, monitoring of energy consumption and maintenance of facilities and many other applications. In fact, building digital twins in Metavars has benefits that help it grow.

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Metavars or crypto cities?

This digital world has been growing rapidly since the introduction of Metawares, and even various companies have welcomed it. Some market analysts believe that Metavars is growing rapidly and many companies are joining it. But some analysts say the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies may be a viable option in the short term, but for the long term no one can give a clear picture.

NFT‌-based assets, meanwhile, will be well established in cryptocurrencies, and some believe there will be a growing future for them.

Some market analysts say that the idea of ​​Metavars will grow in the short and medium term due to the tangible applications it brings to some industries. It has even been suggested that Metavars may one day replace the Internet. However, there are many sayings and hadiths about it.

Critics also say that we may encounter people who will not be able to distinguish the physical world from the virtual world and become so accustomed to metavars that they can no longer easily live a normal life in the physical world, and their main focus on virtual life is communication. Virtual and virtual world summarized. Even with such an approach, it seems that the business model will change and transactions will be made on assets that have no external existence at all.

Given that the concept of metamorphosis is still unknown, psychological research on its effect on the human mind and brain has not yet been done, and it is not yet possible to speak definitively about its destructive or non-destructive effect on the human brain and psyche.

Even in the case of Metavars, political and cultural debates are considered, and some analysts say that the emergence of such worlds can affect the cultural structure of societies. Given that augmented reality and virtual reality are based on metavers, some are concerned about its negative impact on adolescent and young age groups and may even cause these age groups to move towards a digital identity and forget their true and real identities.

But the other question is, what will such ideas change in the future, and will they become more complete ideas or will they stagnate?

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