Microsoft Edge 100 released; Better management of PDF files and security enhancements

مایکروسافت اج 100 منتشر شد؛ مدیریت بهتر فایل‌های PDF و ارتقا امنیت

Microsoft Edge browser has just received a new update and users can install it. In this new update of Microsoft browser, items such as security improvements and optimization of how to manage PDF files have been added.

Google recently released a new Chrome update, Chrome 100, which can be downloaded and installed publicly. Now it’s time for the browser Microsoft Edge Reached up to Version 100 Reach. This version of the Microsoft browser does not have the updated logo, but instead features New PDF management And Security improvements Offers.

Microsoft Edge Update 100

Quoted from Informed source, This update provides a series of new features to users. Among the improvements made to the Microsoft Edge version 100 can beMemory integrity” Cited.

This feature protects the device hardware. It is worth noting that this feature of the operating system Windows 8 and later It will be accessible. It should be noted, however, that this is not the only new Microsoft Edge security enhancement.

Microsoft Edge 100 series New security patch Has also received. This security patch deals with important vulnerabilities that have recently been discovered.

Finally, there are new updates on how to manage PDF files in this browser. Microsoft Browser can now use a low-volume PDF reader so users can easily Preview of PDF file Watch what you want. This can help you better manage your downloaded PDF files.

The exact version of this new Microsoft update, 100.0.1185.29 Is. You can manually go to the update installation section by going to the settings of this browser and download and install the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

What do you think about the new Microsoft Edge update?

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