Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7

Microsoft support for Windows 7 operating system It ended yesterday (January 18, 2023). Therefore, no other security updates will be provided for this version. Microsoft urges users of Windows 7 devices to upgrade their system to higher versions of the Windows operating system, especially Windows 11. Of course, there will be no problem for these systems from now on, but their security will no longer be guaranteed.

In October 2009, Microsoft launched the Windows 7 operating system. The end of support for this operating system was extended until January 2015 and January 2020, respectively. This has led frustrated Windows 7 users to turn to Microsoft’s Enhanced Security Update (ESU) program. But the updates of this program also ended last day.

In addition, new versions of the Edge browser are no longer released for this operating system. Previously, Google had announced in October that it will stop supporting Windows 7 and 8.1 for the Chrome browser on February 18 and will no longer release new updates.

Windows 7 users should consider migration

End of support for Windows 7

Microsoft software company suggests users whose device is still equipped with Windows 7 to upgrade their system or devices. Microsoft’s support page announced that users of computers equipped with Windows 7 can upgrade their system to Windows 10. Of course, although Windows 10 seems like a quick solution, Windows 11 is a more ideal option. Because there are only three years left until the end of the Windows 10 support date.

Microsoft confirmed on its page that most Windows 7 devices do not meet the hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11. Owners of these computers can install Windows 10 as an alternative. However, before upgrading to this operating system, they should keep in mind that Windows 10 support will end on October 14, 2025.

While most Windows 7 users will need to buy a new computer to upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft explains the benefits of more modern devices that use more advanced hardware. Microsoft says: To maintain the security and stability of Microsoft 365, we strongly recommend using the latest hardware features of computers equipped with Windows 11. Computers have changed dramatically since Windows 7 was first released ten years ago. The new systems are faster, more powerful, more beautiful and equipped with Windows 11.

Ending security support for Windows 7 shows that Microsoft is committed to continuing to improve Windows 11’s share of the desktop market. Currently, Windows 10 accounts for 68.01% of the total Windows desktop market share, while Windows 11 only has a total share of 16.93%.

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