Microsoft is bringing third-party widgets to Windows 11 this year

مایکروسافت امسال ویجت‌های شخص ثالث را به ویندوز 11 می‌آورد

Microsoft announced today at the annual Build Developers Conference that it wants to bring support for third-party widgets to Windows 11 later this year. Redmonds will give developers access to Windows 11 widgets for win32 or PWA apps this year.

Currently Windows 11 Widgets System It is limited to native widgets developed by Microsoft, and as you can guess, we have a few examples. Microsoft has developed widgets for some of its apps, such as Outlook and To Do, but others are more web-based, displaying things like the weather or news in dedicated widget panels.

Support for third-party widgets in Windows 11

“Panos Panayi”, the director of devices and Microsoft Windows, announced the positive reaction of users to the widgets:

“We draw on customer feedback on widgets. People enjoy quick access to the content that is most important to them with an approach that does not stop them. This year you can start building widgets for your Win32 and PWA apps in Windows 11. “These widgets will use the Adaptive Cards platform.”

Microsoft a lot of details About his program Has not been announced, but we expect Redmond to release more information on how to bring third-party widgets to Windows 11 soon.

News of Windows 11 support for third-party widgets comes just days after Microsoft began testing new desktop widgets with a web search bar.

Widgets are currently hidden in a dedicated panel in Windows 11, but it looks like Microsoft wants to increase their performance on the desktop soon.

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