Microsoft is changing the gaming experience by bringing Auto HDR to Windows

Microsoft is changing the gaming experience by bringing Auto HDR to Windows

Microsoft is updating File Explorer and offering some exciting new features in Windows 10 that will make gamers happier.

Microsoft has added automatic HDR support to hundreds of PC games in a new Windows trial build. The company is testing the Auto HDR feature, which adds HDR to a large number of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games, and users with compatible monitors can play these games at a higher quality. “Hannah Fisher,” the director of DirectX, says:

“Although a number of game studios have developed HDR games, bringing Auto HDR to PC by intelligently upgrading light and color settings allows SDR games to be displayed in HDR.”

Auto HDR can be enabled in the latest trial build of Windows 10 (21337) released on the Insider channel. This feature can be enabled manually in the display settings and is not compatible with all DirectX 11/12 games as it is still in beta. Microsoft is still optimizing performance and fixing some issues, and has confirmed that using this feature also requires GPU power.

Other optimizations in this version of Windows include desktop virtualization enhancements, file explorer, and some other changes to the default apps such as Notepad.

Thanks to these changes, Windows 10 will soon host several custom wallpapers for the virtual desktop. In Explorer, the layering between items has changed a bit and the distance between them has increased, which makes it easier to work with Windows on touch screens.

The Notepad now has a new icon and will be updated through the Microsoft Store. The company has also updated its app bundle in Windows 10, which includes Windows Terminal and Power Desktop Automat.

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