Microsoft is likely to develop a camera inspired by its own logo

مایکروسافت احتمالا دوربینی با الهام از لوگوی خودش توسعه می‌دهد

Microsoft Surface Duo can be considered one of the most exciting recent products of this company. However, Microsoft recently Patent He has indicated that he will use a camera inspired by the company’s own logo on his products in the future.

According to the information in this patent, Microsoft intends to create a camera under the screen of its products. The camera consists of four arrays of sensors, each of which has a color filter that matches the Microsoft logo, ie red, green, blue and yellow. When the camera is not in use, these sensors can display the Microsoft logo or act as a notification.

This patent may seem extreme, but there are certain ways to use it. This patent shows that each sensor registers its own color. In digital photography, all of this data can be used to achieve much better output. Microsoft also claims that by using four sensors together instead of one sensor, a slimmer device can be achieved.

For simple tasks such as shooting with a mobile phone, using four sensors instead of one is excessive. The patent also had objections. This array of sensors, due to the small differences in angles with each other, can not completely match the photos, and only with software processing can the right result be achieved. In addition, using a camera below the screen can reduce image quality, and Microsoft has not yet commented on this.

However, this technology can be used in the camera on the back of phones. In addition to mobile corners, Microsoft plans to use this technology in tablets and monitors. It is likely that in the first stage, the introduction of this technology in the market will face a very high price.

Microsoft is not expected to use this technology in its products in the near future. The patent was filed in Microsoft Documents in 2019 and it is unclear whether it is still working on the patent.

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