Microsoft is looking to change the Print Screen key to the Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Microsoft is looking to change the Print Screen key to the Snipping Tool in Windows 11

Usually, when Microsoft changes old and familiar functions in its operating system, it is not well received by long-time Windows users, so changing something that has been practically fixed for 28 years always causes controversy. However, it appears that the Redmond company is Planning for change Key Print Screen To the key is that tool Snipping Windows 11 opens

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From Windows 95 until today, the Print Screen key has a specific function

Since Windows 95, the Print Screen key has performed the same function in the Windows operating system: taking a screenshot of the current screen and copying it to the clipboard. A key whose performance has been very useful for users over the years.

But the group Windows Latest It has been noticed that Microsoft is changing the default behavior of the Print Screen key in Windows 11. In Windows 11 Beta Preview 22621.1546 and 22624.1546, pressing this key opens the Windows Snipping tool, Windows’ built-in screenshot tool. It can be accessed by pressing Windows+Shift+S.

Windows 11’s Snipping Tool, which combines the old Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch features, is very useful. The default rectangular mode allows users to capture a selected portion of the screen, meaning there is no need to crop the captured image. There is also free shooting mode, window mode and full screen mode. Additionally, it allows you to take timed screen captures, and there’s even a screen recording mode in the Snipping Tool.

Change the Print Screen key

There is still a way back

Despite Snipping Tool’s various features, many users, including myself, prefer to keep the original functionality of the Print Screen key in Windows. However, Microsoft has also provided a way to revert this change by going to the menu Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard menu option “Use the Print Screen key to open Snipping Toolturn off It can also be changed by editing the registry.

Change the Print Screen key

Of course, Microsoft will not include all of its preview features in the final version of the operating system. But it’s likely that Microsoft will go all the way with this one, especially since it can be overridden in the settings menu.

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