Microsoft is probably working on an Android 12L update for the Surface Duo 1 and 2

مایکروسافت احتمالا روی آپدیت اندروید 12L برای سرفیس دوئو 1 و 2 کار می‌کند

By the end of 2021, Microsoft did not live up to its promise and did not deliver Android 11 to Surface Duo users. But now a new report claims that the company has started working on Android 12L and is going to release this update for Surface Duo 1 and 2.

Website resources Windows Central It is said that the development of the next version of Android for Surface Duo has started and Microsoft has ignored Android 12 and moved to Android 12L. This could be good news for fans of the Surface Duo series, as Android 12L has optimizations that help Microsoft’s mobile applications with its special two-page design.

Unfortunately, no release date is available at this time, but it seems that Microsoft’s determination to release this update is much more serious than its plan for Android 11. Redmond residents are currently testing Android 12L with Google.

Android 12L optimizations for large screens

Google has previously said that notifications screen, lock screen and other system interfaces in Android 12L on devices with screens larger than 600 dots per inch, use a two-column layout to get the most out of the screen space. Multitasking capabilities have also been implemented with more power and capabilities in this operating system.

Android 12L is still under development by Google engineers, and its first beta was released in early December 2021. This update has new APIs for Spatial Audio and improves the accessibility of drag and drop capabilities for users. 12L is optimized for Compatibility mode to bring a better visual experience to apps by default.

For more information about this version of Android and to know the release schedule, you can go to the official website Android 12L Developers See.

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