Microsoft mocks MacBook physical limitations in new Surface ad

Microsoft mocks MacBook physical limitations in new Surface ad

In a new ad, Microsoft has targeted Apple’s MacBook 2-in-1 devices and ridiculed their limitations. Of course, the Apple laptop did not appear with its real name in this video, and Microsoft has chosen the name BackBook for it.

Microsoft Twitter account in India With the release of a short video It compares the physical capabilities of Surface 2-in-1 products with Apple laptops. This video shows the Surface much more flexibility than the MacBook Pro and its ability to detach from the keyboard. Microsoft’s 2-in-1 product can be converted from laptop to tablet mode.

Surprisingly, Microsoft has nicknamed BackBook on Apple laptops, while Redmond residents have previously mentioned MacBook and Apple directly. In addition, we should not forget that Microsoft Surface laptop series products like Apple MacBook do not have much flexibility and face almost the same limitations.

However, after years of competition, we know that this kind of aggressive propaganda is not very logical and realistic. Companies actually make these ads more fun and humorous to increase the satisfaction of their fan community. In addition, Microsoft and Apple’s advertising battle again marks a resurgence in the PC market, which has grown again after 10 years.

A few days ago, Intel attacked Apple’s M1 chip in an ad, comparing the chip’s shortcomings to Intel processors. The company used Justin Long, who starred in Apple’s I’m a Mac advertising campaign from 2006 to 2009, to promote Cupertino products. The ad mentioned touch bar problems, lack of a touch screen, instant support for just one external monitor, and lack of flexibility. The campaign is called Intel Go PC, and this is the second campaign of this campaign.

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