Microsoft thwarted the largest recorded DDoS‌ attack in history

مایکروسافت بزرگترین حمله DDoS‌ ثبت شده در تاریخ را خنثی کرد

Microsoft says it was able to stop a heavy DDoS attack in August with 2.4 terabits per second of traffic. The attack was carried out on an Azure service customer in Europe and was 140 percent heavier than the heaviest bandwidth attack on the company’s services in 2020.

ردموندی‌ها they say This DDoS attack lasted more than 10 minutes. During this period, three waves of traffic with a volume of 2.4 terabits per second, 0.55 terabits per second and 1.7 terabits per second were sent against the company. But the Azure web service was able to stay online and not bow to attacks.

DDoS attacks or “service bans” are commonly used to crack down on websites or online services. In these attacks, a large amount of traffic is sent to the host so that it can no longer respond. DDoS attacks are often carried out with the help of botnets, which are a collection of infected devices.

“The source of the attack traffic came from nearly 70,000 sources in several Asia-Pacific countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, China and even the United States,” said Amir Dahan, senior program manager at Microsoft Azure Network. Although the number of DDoS attacks on Azure increased in 2021, the power of the last major blockchain attack before this attack had decreased from 1 terabit per second to 625 megabytes per second.

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Microsoft has not announced the customer name of this Azure service, but these attacks are usually used to cover secondary attacks aimed at spreading malware and infiltrating a company’s systems.

The latest major DDoS attack came from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which tolerated 2.3 terabits per second of traffic. Earlier, NetScout Arbor held the record in March 2018 with 1.7 terabits per second of traffic.

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