Microsoft’s new hiring announcement announces better support for Android in Windows 11

آگهی استخدام جدید مایکروسافت از پشتیبانی بهتر از اندروید در ویندوز 11 خبر می‌دهد

Earlier this month, news broke in the tech world that Microsoft Creating a dedicated section for better support Android At Windows Was. Now, however, according to the announcements of Microsoft’s recruitment for the mentioned private sector, it seems that this big company is proceeding carefully according to its plans.

The separate section mentioned, «Microsoft Android platform and experiences(Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences) or for short AMPX Is called and is reportedly tasked with integrating Windows and Android better than what is currently available.

In addition, other Microsoft Android projects include operating systems Surface Duo Along with SwiftKey And Microsoft Launcher They will also be under the AMPX division.

Details of Microsoft’s new action

It is to be said according to News At present, Microsoft seems to be consistent in its decisions and is already looking to hire talented people for the AMPX team. The company recently announced in one or two ads that it is looking to hire an experienced software engineer.

This could mean that Microsoft intends to start working in this area as soon as possible, and although no official confirmation has been made yet, it is possible that some of the achievements of the AMPX team will be transferred to support for Android apps on Windows. .

It should be noted that this company now mediates Android apps on Windows Amazon Appstore Offers but features such as access to Google Play Store In Windows it can be more desirable for users. Of course, there is good news for this group of users, according to which it is scheduled this year Google Play Games Launched into Windows as a native application.

It should also be noted that Android apps now require a very powerful system to run on Windows, and it may be in the best interest of all users to reduce the power required to run them.

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