Mine cryptocurrency with HEATBIT heater!

Mine cryptocurrency with HEATBIT heater!

We are always looking for a combination of different tasks to use the time in the best possible way. This idea seems great because many times we can’t manage time well. In the meantime, the idea of ​​combining works may refer to areas that do not seem to have any commonality between them. For example, have you considered that a heater can also be used as a cryptocurrency miner to offset monthly electricity bills? It may seem that these two areas are not related to each other at first glance. But currently, a product called HEATBIT is designed exactly for this purpose and is available for purchase. In fact with HEATBIT heater In addition to heating your home environment, you can mine up to $30 cryptocurrency per day.

Specifications of HEATBIT heater

  • Dimensions the size of a personal computer or stereo speaker
  • Very low noise (works quieter than a refrigerator and produces up to 42 dB at full power)
  • It has a power of 1.4 kW
  • The possibility of mining cryptocurrency with an extraordinary power of 14 terahas per second (one trillion hashes per second)

In fact, the HEATBIT project started in 2021, when the brand launched a Kickstarter campaign. The shipment of the first products of this startup began in October 2022. The company has managed to sell around 1000 HEATBIT devices for $1199 around the world since early 2021.

HEATBIT cryptocurrency mining heater

The specifications of the Heatbit heater seem similar to other high-end products. This product uses special internal circuits that process Bitcoin transactions almost silently and perform trillions of calculations per second. Therefore, in addition to heating the home environment, the HEATBIT heater also extracts cryptocurrency for you.

This device can heat an environment of 46 square meters. The most interesting thing is that if you use this heater for 24 hours, it will mine about $30 of cryptocurrency for you.

Other products with cryptocurrency mining capabilities are on the way

It should be mentioned that the manufacturer of HEATBIT plans to produce other products with the same purpose. One of his ideas is a toilet seat heater that can mine bitcoins. He is also thinking about making water heaters and dishwashers with cryptocurrency mining capabilities.

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