Ming-Chi Koo: Apple will probably sell 7 million new MacBook Air this year

مینگ-چی کو: اپل احتمالا امسال 7 میلیون مک بوک ایر جدید می‌فروشد

Bloomberg recently said in a report that Apple has no plans to launch the new MacBook Air in a variety of colors. Now Ming-Chi Koo has confirmed this information in a note, saying that in addition to the three standard colors, the Apple laptop is only A new color Will have. Ko also forecasts sales of the product to reach 7 million units by the end of 2022.

Ming-Chi Koo, a well-known Apple analyst, tweeted about this Wrote: “The new MacBook Air is more likely to be available with iMac rainbow colors instead of Three standard colors And probably A fresh color Will have.” He claims that Apple expects that if the production capacity of Quanta’s Shanghai plant returns to pre-quarantine conditions before the third quarter of 2022, the machine will be around 6 to 7 million Have a sale.

In addition, he believes that the next MacBook Air will be better than the current MacBook Pro because the Pro is only offered by Quanta, but the next Air model is shared by Quanta And Foxconn Will be offered.

MacBook Air will not be like Imec

Earlier it was reported that Apple wants to launch the new MacBook Air with a look similar to iMac, ie with a white border and multiple colors. But now analysts say the Cupertinos have taken a more conservative approach. Of course, the next MacBook Air is probably still from ناچ And connector مگ‌سیف Will use.

Although Corona’s control policies in China do not seem to affect the production of the iPhone 14 series, it cannot be said with certainty that the new Meccas will be safe from quarantine. Bloomberg correspondent believes the unveiling of the low-end MacBook Pro, which according to rumors could be introduced at WWDC 2022, due to the closure Delay has fallen.

Apple will start its developer conference tonight at 21:30 Iranian time and we expect to see the company’s new operating systems. However, some new hardware is likely to be introduced at the event. Read this article to know all the expectations we have from this event.

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