Ming-Chi Koo: Apple’s augmented reality headset will be introduced in January 2023

مینگ-چی کو: هدست واقعیت ترکیبی اپل ژانویه 2023 معرفی خواهد شد

While some were waiting for the introduction of Apple’s augmented reality headset at WWDC 2022, this did not happen. Now «Ming-Chi KooThe well-known analyst of Apple products, in addition to announcing the relatively exact release date for this product, has also mentioned the reason for not introducing this headset.

Due to China’s ongoing quarantine, especially in Shanghai, the situation was such that Apple was forced to withdraw from the development of its augmented reality headsets. Nevertheless, Koo Believes That produced this product late Third quarter Of the year 2022 Enter the stage EVT Or “Engineering approval test” will be.

Apple’s augmented reality headset introduction date

Koo also predicts that Apple will unveil the product during a pre-recorded event in January 2023 after the final stages of production. Also the ingredients of this product are the container 2 To 4 weeks Will be sent to developers after the event.

It is expected to register early orders to buy this product in Second quarter Of the year 2023 Start and its mass sale is also likely near the event WWDC 2023 Will be located.

In the end, it should be noted that Ko’s predictions are most likely true, because despite all the rumors and rumors, he had announced several days before WWDC 2022 that there would be no news of the introduction of the Apple headset.

In addition to these cases, «Jeff PoeAn analyst at Hiatung International Securities, also said that the product first half Year 2023 Delayed.

However, since we are so far from all these dates, there is no choice but to wait and see which of these predictions and speculations come true.

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