Ming Chi-koo: The new version of Apple TV will arrive at a lower price in the second half of 2022

مینگ چی-کو: نسخه جدید اپل تی‌وی با قیمتی پایین‌تر در نیمه دوم 2022 از راه می‌رسد

Apple in addition to phones and laptops, with Apple TV in the market Streaming devices Is also present. However, significant competitors, including Roku, have grown in the market over the past few years, and it is now said that the Cupertinos are working on a new version of Apple TV, which will be launched next year. competitive price Will enter the market.

Ming Chi-ko, a well-known analyst of Apple products Claimed in his new tweet The tech giant plans to launch a new version of Apple TV in the second half of 2022. Ko also tweeted that the new version of the device will have an improved cost structure that is likely to lower price It points out.

Koo continued his tweet:

“I think Apple’s strategy of integrating hardware, content and services at the same time as the recession is helping to reduce its distance from its competitors.”

From devices Chrome cast (Google), Fire TV (Amazon) and Roku Can be considered as Apple’s competitors in this market.

The current version of the Apple TV 4K, April 2021, came in two versions with 32 and 64 GB of internal storage, priced at $ 179 and $ 199, respectively. The previous version, called the Apple TV HD, is now available for $ 149 with 32GB of internal storage. By comparison, some Chromecast and Roku devices are available for as little as $ 50.

Both the second-generation (2010) and third-generation (2012) models of Apple TV were priced at $ 99 at launch, and the tech giant also reduced the price of the third-generation to $ 69. All of this evidence suggests that this new version may be priced at less than $ 100.

Compete with Apple TV for market share?

On the other hand, with the new version of its streaming device, Apple can also advance in the market of streaming services. Although the Apple TV Plus service is now available on platforms such as Fire and Roku, with a dedicated and competitive device in the market, it is expected that more subscribers will be attracted to Apple Stream service to Netflix And Disney Plus Also increase your competition.

Over the past few years, TV series made by, including Severance, have received a lot of attention, and Netflix, on the other hand, is not having a good day.

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