Minister of Communications announces return of 430 Gigabit bandwidth to international Internet capacity after 2 months

وزیر ارتباطات از بازگشت ۴۳۰ گیگابیت پهنای باند به ظرفیت اینترنت بین‌الملل پس از 2 ماه خبر داد

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology announced 430 GB Bandwidth that capacity International Internet Lost was available again.

In mid-December of this year, the Radio Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Infrastructure Telecommunications Company announced that some cross-sectional disruptions had occurred in the country’s Internet network following the disconnection of part of the Infrastructure Telecommunications Company’s international communications cable via Qatar and the UAE.

This had led to 430 gigabytes of International bandwidth capacity Make the company unavailable. But last night, the Minister of Communications, Issa Zarepour, published a post on his Instagram announcing the return of this lost capacity:

“About two months ago, one of the marine fiber optic cables to Qatar was cut off and 430 gigabytes of the country’s internet bandwidth became unavailable. Bandwidth Consumption of the country 7 percent “It reduced.”

He went on to point out the measures taken to prevent such disturbances, saying: “With the continuous follow-up and efforts of my colleagues in the infrastructure communication company, the breakdown of this offshore fiber optic line was repaired and this 430 gigabytes returned to the country’s bandwidth. “Alternative routes have also been envisaged to prevent the recurrence of such a disorder.”

In the end, Zarehpour promised to increase the speed and quality of the network every day.

Is the quality of the Internet improving?

It is worth mentioning that in the very first days, the technical deputy of the Infrastructure Telecommunication Company, due to the time consuming recovery of this route, was cut off, and immediate measures to provide alternative capacity from other routes should be on the agenda of the technical engineers of the Infrastructure Telecommunication Company.

This issue seems to be able to improve the quality of the country’s internet to some extent, which has been accompanied by a significant decline in recent months. The issue of declining Internet quality and speed is not just a matter of course; Before this incident and in late September, dissatisfaction with this slowdown increased. The affair continued until the MP reacted to Internet slowness In an unprecedented statement, he asked the Minister of Communications to remove his foot from the wire!

The Minister of Communications has also issued several follow-up orders in recent months Decreased internet quality Had issued, although in some cases caused by internet slowness create space Some people knew.

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