Minister of Communications: Internet overnight packages are resumed

Minister of Communications: Internet overnight packages are resumed

Recently, the Minister of Communications in the Telegram group, which he established for communication with users, had protested against the removal of night packages, saying that the warning of the country’s cultural authorities had caused the removal of night packages on the Internet. “Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi” had announced at the same time that he defended the supply of these packages and considered them useful for market competition. In a new short interview, he announced that the supply of these packages will resume soon.

In mid-March, the Minister of Communications, during a public conversation via telegram with the people about the removal of overnight internet packages, had emphasized that this was not done by a regulatory order. He said:

“The fact is that there were protests from cultural authorities in the country regarding overnight packages, and we received a notice saying that users should not switch to free overnight internet packages. “Because it had a negative effect on students and kept them awake at night and they could not come to class in the morning.”

In a recent interview with IRNA in the city of Hamedan, he stated that “about a year and a half ago, mobile operators were banned from providing night internet packages, which was not seriously implemented due to the outbreak of Corona.” Jahromi stressed that he told cultural authorities that students do not just stay awake with the Internet and “if there is no Internet, they stay awake with something else and watch satellite.” He announced that the provision of night internet packages by mobile operators will be resumed with the follow-up.

It should be noted that the delivery of night packages was not blocked in all Internet service providers and some of them offered a number of night packages, but it seems that according to the words of the Minister of Communications, these packages are more widely available in all ISPs. It will happen soon. However, it should be said that in recent days, the speed and quality of the country’s Internet in the evening hours, which is the peak of Internet consumption, has significantly decreased and this problem is to be solved soon.

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