Minister of Communications: The filtering of some platforms will be removed in the coming days

Minister of Communications: The filtering of some platforms will be removed in the coming days

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, announcing his opposition to the monopoly of fixed internet in Iran, stated that the filtering of some platforms will be removed for users in the coming days.

Last week, the Competition Council considered Iran’s fixed internet market to be a monopoly market. Then this council asked the National Competition Center to prepare the price guidelines with the participation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Computer Trade Union Organization and other stakeholders and submit them to the said council for approval.

Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said among reporters about the decision of the Competition Council:

In our opinion, the opinion of the Competition Council is not an expert, and I assigned a group in the Regulatory Organization to prepare the necessary response to this resolution.

He further added:

The Ministry of Communications will definitely protest this decision, because there is no monopoly in this sector. Monopoly does not make sense with the start of the fiber optic project for homes and businesses.

We cut off the internet for the exam!

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology emphasized that he was against cutting the internet during the exam days and stated:

Despite our opposition, the internet outage was minimized during the exam days. But since BTS systems cover a range, this will cause disruption to the internet. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to fellow citizens within the BTS area.

Zarepour further added:

This was the last time that the internet is cut off during exam days. The assessment organization should look for another solution for next year’s entrance exam. From now on, the internet will not be cut off during the exam.

It is possible to solve the filtering of some platforms!

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology answered a reporter’s question about the possibility of removing the filtering of some platforms. He said that the criminal content determination committee is in charge of filtering smart and internet programs. All members of this 13-person committee do not include government employees. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is trying to remove the restrictions that can be taken. Users will receive good news in this regard in the next two days.

Fixed filtering of some platforms

The Minister of Communications emphasized that two “Instagram” and “WhatsApp” applications The filters will not be removed soon, and the security institutions must make a decision about them. He announced that it is possible to fix the application filtering “Clubhouse” There are in the coming days.

Zarepour further stated:

The commitment we received from Iran Telecommunication Company and attached to this company’s license is that the telecommunication company spends the amount related to the maintenance of telephone lines included in the bills for the reconstruction of the infrastructure and the creation of one and a half million optical fiber ports. We hope that the telecommunications companies fulfill their obligations so that we do not have to fine them.

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