Minister of Communications: The virus of “self-disbelief” is the main obstacle to the growth of domestic media

وزیر ارتباطات: ویروس «خود ناباوری» مانع اصلی رشد پیام‌رسان‌های داخلی است

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology believes that the quality of domestic messaging has grown significantly in the last two or three years, and efforts should be made to rebuild the lost public trust in domestic messengers.

“Issa Zarepour” in a meeting with the managers of domestic media said that the media, with all the ups and downs of the past years, have reached a desirable point and have believed in their abilities.

He said that there were serious challenges in the growth of the messengers, one of the most important of which is the challenge of “self-disbelief”.

Zarepour believes that in order to reach the desired point in domestic messaging, the quality of internal services must first be improved:

“Domestic samples must be able to compete with foreign messengers. Domestic messengers should take advantage of natives and not limit their portfolio to messaging. “Do not doubt that if quality services are provided, people will also welcome in-house messengers.”

Emphasizing that efforts should be made to rebuild public trust in domestic media, the Minister of Communications said:

“In recent years, some weaknesses and shortcomings have led to the creation of a false mentality towards domestic messengers, which even with the elimination of past shortcomings and weaknesses and reaching the desired standards, the mentality of the past has not been corrected. “It is possible to provide desirable services to the people.”

Referring to the satisfaction of the managers of the media with the support of the Ministry of Communications in the past years, he expressed hope that this support and cooperation with the cooperation of other responsible agencies will continue and the challenges facing the media will be minimized.

It should be noted that before the speech of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the managers of internal media presented a report on their actions, programs and challenges and appreciated the support of the Ministry of Communications over the past years.

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