Ministry of Communications: Development of a security appendix on the need to enter the field of artificial intelligence and metavars

وزارت ارتباطات: تدوین پیوست امنیتی ضرورت ورود به حوزه هوش مصنوعی و متاورس

Special Representative of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in the field ICT security Saying that the entry of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and meta-transformation, is a requirement for the need to develop Security attachment Announced in this regard.

Amir Mohammadzadeh Lajevardi, emphasizing that the use of new technologies such as Metavars is very important and necessary, said: “In this regard Security attachment It is a necessity for new technologies. Accordingly, we need to enter the field of new technologies such as cryptocurrency, quantum, meta-satellite, satellite Internet and artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to take timely action. One of these timely measures is compilation Security attachment Is.”

“We are usually late in dealing with new technologies in the country,” he said. “This will only result in consumers in these areas. But if we invest in new technologies like nanotechnology and enter them in time, we will have a better future. “Accordingly, we must take timely action in this regard.”

Efforts to prevent violations of anonymous SIM cards

Special Representative of the Minister of Communications ICT security Emphasizing that the security of the people in Cyberspace “For example, following up on user-side security threats such as phishing (fraudulent payment gateways) is one of the issues being addressed in a committee with the Ministry of Communications, the prosecutor’s office, FATA police and operators,” he said.

“The purpose of forming this committee is to prevent the abuse and attacks that take place in the form of destructive text messages against the people,” the deputy minister of communications said. “Take them and identify them and deal with them at the earliest opportunity.”

“For example, about Phishing SMS Which were sent to users under the title “Sana” in the last weeks of the year and encouraged the user to enter the desired link, important measures were taken to prevent this abuse. “There were a lot of SMS phishing links in this area, but good measures were taken in this committee, and these SMSs were reduced to a minimum with technical solutions.”

“Of course, the Ministry of Communications is the main trustee,” Lajevardi said Phishing Not because of the security of the people Cyberspace “It is important for us to implement some related issues with the cooperation of other responsible institutions.”

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