Ministry of Communications: The country’s communication and telecommunication infrastructure is being serviced

وزارت ارتباطات: زیرساخت‌‌های ارتباطی و مخابراتی کشور در حال خدمات‌رسانی هستند

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology issued a statement emphasizing that all communication and telecommunication infrastructures in the country are being serviced without any problems.

According to the Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Communications, following the disruption in the fuel station system, public opinion is concerned about the spread of this disruption to the communication and telecommunication infrastructure. All communication and telecommunication systems throughout the country are providing services without any disruption. .

According to the follow-ups done and with the efforts of the experts of the Ministry of Oil, the disruption in the fuel station systems is also being eliminated and will gradually return to a stable state in the coming hours.

This announcement of the Ministry of Communications comes at a time when the acceptance of a cyber attack on the intelligent fuel system after several reviews by experts of the National Petroleum Products Company and other related institutions is still not accepted by some officials, but has since been approved by the Supreme National Security Council. Is.

Cyber ​​attack and malfunction of gas stations

However, the announcement states that the cyber attack was true and that the Ministry of Communications has accepted its formation.

It is worth mentioning that “Ali Forouzandeh”, the spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, had previously stated that the fuel card system was out of order, and announced that the quotas would be maintained, because the system is offline.

It should be noted that from this afternoon, customers to the country’s gas stations for Get gasoline with fuel smart card They were in trouble.

From card reader failure to accepting a cyber attack

On the other hand, “Amin Rezanavaz”, the spokesman of the country’s fuel station owners’ union, told IRIB that “fuel card readers have become problematic due to software issues and equipment depreciation.” He stressed that all the specialists of the Ministry of Oil are solving the problem and are trying to solve it, but “there are no predictions to solve the problem.”

The sudden malfunction of the fuel card devices and the failure of all these devices at the same time was out of the question. However, in the end, the president of the Association of Station Owners confirmed the cyber attack on gas stations all over the country in an interview with Tejarat News, saying: “This problem is being investigated. “It has not been possible to refuel at many gas stations for an hour now.”

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