MIT researchers want to use a time machine to help discover dark matter

محققان دانشگاه MIT می‌خواهند با ماشین زمان به کشف ماده تاریک کمک کنند

A group of physicists from MIT recently published an amazing paper that is almost of a kind time Machine It is said to bring the atoms back. They have successfully grown entangled atoms in reverse, and now hope to use this technique not only to make atomic clocks more accurate, but also to identify dark matter to go

University researchers MIT They recently created a device that, while it can’t literally turn back time, allows it Entangled atoms to manipulate in such a way that the reverse growth of one causes the backward movement of the other and shows its evolution process.

Researchers have developed their own technique SATIN It has been said that the keyword is “signal amplification through time reversal”. This technique is the most sensitive method of measuring quantum fluctuations in history and can improve the accuracy of atomic clocks. Up to 15 times slow down more This method is also able to increase the accuracy of quantum sensors and help detect gravitational waves, dark matter and other physical phenomena.

Since the 1980s, scientists have been familiar with the theory that if the operator Hamiltonian If a quantum system is reversed and the system itself finds an inverse growth process, the situation becomes as if the system has gone back in time. The idea was that if the sign of the Hamiltonian could be reversed, any small deviations that occurred after the system grew would be amplified when it went back in time, says Simon Colombo, one of the authors of the paper.

How does the researchers’ new technique work?

The researchers used a system of lasers to trap atoms and then send them into a blue entanglement light to force them into a state. corresponding swing together The scientists first allowed the entangled atoms to grow forward in time, then exposed them to a Small magnetic field They put it to make a small quantum change; A change that cannot be detected by conventional means.

They then used a red laser to destroy the entanglement of the atoms, creating a situation as if things had returned to their original state, or indeed time had been reversed. Meanwhile, they measured their fluctuations and realized that this phase was significantly different from the previous phase. So they concluded that in the forward evolution of atoms one Quantum change it has been created.

The researchers say their entangled system is up to 15 times more sensitive than non-entangled atomic systems. They now hope to use this remarkable sensitivity in quantum sensors to detect dark matter. Vladan Voltic, one of the authors of this article, says: “A cloud of dark matter can be around the Earth Time change around us. Some people compare the clocks between, for example, Australia and Europe with the United States to see if there is an effect of a sudden change in the passage of time. Our technique is exactly suitable for this purpose, because to do this you have to go through the cloud [ماده تاریک] “Measure rapid time change.”

The results of this research in the journal Nature It’s been published.

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