Mobile app market in 2021: $ 170 billion in costs and 230 billion downloads

بازار اپلیکیشن‌های موبایل در 2021: هزینه 170 میلیارد دلاری و 230 میلیارد بار دانلود

Users in the global mobile app market in 2021 approx $ 170 billion They have paid. This figure indicates an annual increase of 19 percent, but has decreased by one percent compared to last year’s growth. However, users with last year 230 billion times download apps They have set a record.

Research company App Annie In its new report, it takes a closer look at the economic status of apps on Google Play, iOS and Chinese third-party stores. The report says users in 2021 approx $ 16 billion Other Games They have paid. Despite a record number of annual app installs, the growth rate has been declining from 7% to 5%.

Most of the download growth is related to Emerging markets These include India, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt. The most downloaded applications in order TIC Tac, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Users pay the most in order TIC Tac, YouTube, Thunder, Disney Plus and Tencent have spent the video. Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Amazon also had the most monthly active users, respectively. The most downloaded games Free Fire, Spend the most ROBLOX And the most monthly active user to PUBG MOBILE Dedicated.

The best games of 2021

Mobile apps have become more popular than TV

Users now spend more time on apps, and sometimes even more than watching TV. Users from 10 countries in 2021 on average daily 4 hours and 48 minutes They have been in apps. This figure is about compared to 2019 30 percent Has become more.

Most of this time was spent on social media and video and video programs, accounting for 70% of this average time. These apps, along with entertainment apps for Generation Z They have been especially popular in the United States. This age group in the United States has spent most of its time on Instagram, Tick Talk, Snapshot and Netflix. Millennial generation Most interested in Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Amazon and WhatsApp. Generation X They have also been the main users of The Weather Channel, Amazon Alexa, NewsBreak and Ring.

2021 Mobile Applications

Of all the apps, 223 games and apps are over $ 100 million And 13 titles over $ 1 billion Have earned. The App Annie report says that apart from the costs incurred by users in purchasing apps, subscriptions and in-app payments, the total spending spent on the mobile app advertising market in 2021 $ 295 billion Reached 23% more than the previous year.

2021 Mobile Applications

Also, developers in 2021 approx 2 million new apps and games Released the total number of Google Play and App Store apps from 21 million Pass. Of course, many of these programs have been removed by publishers or stores, and for now only 5.4 million The app is live. Of these, 1.8 million are in the App Store and 3.6 million on Google Play.

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