Mobile Congress, an opportunity to get out of the current crisis of the digital economy

کنگره موبایل، فرصتی برای برون‌رفت از بحران کنونی اقتصاد دیجیتال

While less than a month is left for the holding of the Iran Mobile Congress, the first independent event of the country’s mobile ecosystem and communications, which is supposed to include all the links of this large chain, further analysis of the opportunities arising from the holding of the congress as a possibility to think about the challenges Current and possible solutions of these challenges seem necessary.

The secretary of the Iran Mobile Congress, while considering the current state of communication in the country as unfavorable, said that recognizing the concerns and analyzing the situation is the first step in the path of reforming and changing the existing conditions.

According to the news headquarters of the Iran Mobile Congress, Mohammad Reza Alian, the secretary of the Mobile Congress believes: “The current state of communications in the country is clearly not favorable. Many businesses have been damaged in this situation; Especially that group of businesses that grew on the mobile platform and used this platform as their development platform or advanced their workflow from this path, were naturally severely damaged. However, we hope that Congress will make it possible to turn this threat into an opportunity. If the concerns are known and the experts work together with the activists of the country’s mobile ecosystem and communications to design a road map and vision for the affected businesses to get out of the current situation, we will probably face less crises like this in the coming years.

Mohammad Reza Alian, Secretary of Mobile Congress

Alian believes that one should look for permanent and more reliable ways. At the same time, based on his view, Congress is a unique opportunity to express concerns and make permanent plans to avoid repeating such damages. He explained this as follows:

“It can be said that we actually always wrote our wishes on the ice; That is, in all these years, we built all our capacities on ice that could have melted at any moment, and when the work was over, we thought why we did not choose another path and method; Why didn’t we choose a way that leaves a trace of it, is more durable and is not really ice that melts easily with a heat? In this congress, all people as experts in the field of mobile, communication and businesses active in this sector can seek to create more sustainable solutions by explaining the concerns in detail. They should examine the challenges of the future and plan carefully to meet these challenges from now on.

The first mobile congress; A mirror to see the other side of the road

Despite the current unfavorable conditions, of course, Reza Alian is not too disappointed and does not consider the possibility of creating an opening in the current environment of the country’s mobile and communications environment far from his mind. He said about this:

“When we discuss the digital economy, we clearly know that without the existence of stable and reliable conditions in the digital sector, the digital economy does not exist and has no meaning.

Today’s situation is critical. But we have passed through more difficult turns in these years, and every time after passing through the most difficult passes, there has been an opening. For example, in the country’s economic environment, during a period, we were faced with a large number of graduates from the 60s, when there was a serious concern about their entry into the labor market. But gradually, during that time, opportunities were created at different levels, from which a large number of start-ups and important and well-known businesses emerged and many young people entered the job market. Even today, when we say that threat should be turned into opportunity, it means that we can stand together in an opportunity and see the other side of today’s dangerous curve.

Secretary of Iran Mobile Congress added: “This congress can act like a convex mirror on a dangerous curve. A mirror in which you can see the other side of today’s events. Now, whether the stakeholders can properly use this opportunity, how dangerous they consider this current turn, and how far they can reach the best way of thinking for the future cannot be determined today, but it can be claimed that such a possibility is possible through the holding of the Congress. will be provided.

According to Mohammadreza Aalian, experts, unions and various stakeholders should reach a kind of consensus and synergy in the current situation through opportunities such as Congress, so that the broad members of the entire ecosystem and various businesses can overcome the critical situation safely. He considers holding the congress as necessary because such a gathering can make the view of businesses more objective and remove the decision-making space from the current vacuum. Aalian said in explaining these points:

“Why do we say that unions, associations and all stakeholders should all be present in Congress? Because the consensus and synergy of all these collections is necessary; They each have a large number of passengers; For example, the Internet Business Association has many members. Different forums have hundreds of travelers each. If these groups are unable to safely pass their passengers through this turn, naturally, one cannot expect that someone else and somewhere else will be able to solve the problems. The Congress is a possibility that should be used to plan to overcome this situation, and of course, this event, as I mentioned, only serves as a mirror. Congress cannot chart a path by itself. The road map is not drawn by the Congress, but the actors of this ecosystem must draw the road map. Although some may criticize holding such an event and believe that in this current state of the Internet and considering the various issues of the country, why do you intend to hold a mobile congress? But there are really compelling reasons for holding the congress. The most important reason is that today everything is in a state of vacuum. The decisions, actions and plans of businesses are in a vacuum and an opportunity should be created so that the entire ecosystem can recover itself and get out of the vacuum. Congress is supposed to bring together mostly private stakeholders to find a way out of this crisis. Everyone can help in this way according to their knowledge, experience and expertise. The issue is simply creating prosperity in the digital economy, and holding the congress will be in the same direction

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