Mobile Importers Association: In case of sanctions against Iran by Xiaomi, the government should enter the field

۷ مشکل قدیمی که دیگر در گوشی‌های مدرن جایی ندارند

Representatives of the Mobile Importers Association told Digiato that the news of the deactivation of the Xiaomi handsets was incorrect and that their follow-up indicated that the matter had not been officially announced by the Chinese giant. Some informed sources in this association also tell Digiato that they have followed up with this company, which indicates that the published news is incorrect. However, they tell Digito that if such a thing ever happens to the Xiaomi brand in Iran, it is the government that must step in and resolve the issue.

Hours ago, some foreign sites published the news of the deactivation of Xiaomi phones in sanctioned countries, including Iran. According to a report published by the XDA-Developers website, Xiaomi is cutting off users’ access to their mobile phones in banned countries such as Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and, of course, Iran. However, it seems that this has not yet happened to Iranian users.

Mohammad Reza Alian, public relations manager of the Importers’ Association, told Digito that no official news from Xiaomi has been announced so far and that the company has not spoken about this problem from any of its official sources. He also tells Digito that some importers have been able to talk to vendors and intermediaries affiliated with the parent company, and their follow-up shows that this is not true.

Further follow-up by Digito suggests that the deactivated handsets in a country like Cuba may have been part of a series of special orders in the South American market that smuggled in from countries like Cuba and disrupted the market a bit, and Xiaomi intends to regulate this. It has handsets. It seems that none of these phones entered Iran because the Xiaomi market in the country is supplied from other places and other companies.

Alian points to Digiato for recent updates that Xiaomi has released to address the emergency call problem for its handsets. These updates have been released for the last one or two days for all types of Xiaomi models, and the phones of this brand can call the necessary numbers in the country after receiving this update. It seems that when this company is trying to solve this problem in Iran, taking action such as deactivating the handsets in the country is not very local to the Arabs.

Asked if there was a formal follow-up on the case, Alian told Digiato that it was a matter for the government and expressed hope that the government could pursue the matter. He told Digito that no international handset brand is officially entering Iran at the moment, due to banking sanctions. “Everyone should do it, but it did not happen and, according to our follow-up, it is not going to happen.”

Another informed source in the association told Digito that follow-ups had been carried out and that they had been told that such a policy was not intended for domestic phones. Referring to the issue of the first activation and the second activation that is present in all phones, the informed source told Digito that in the second activation phase, Google will fully realize the activation of the phone in the region: “As applications were easily removed from the Google App Store “It could happen to a large extent from Google, but it is not going to happen.”

Digiato is following up on this issue and it seems that with the start of the working week outside Iran, more accurate news on this issue can be found.

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