Mobile market revenue reached $ 448 billion in 2021; Apple continues to lead

اپل احتمالا تولید انبوه آیفون SE 3 و آیپد ایر 5 را آغاز کرده است

Counterpoint Research Institute in its latest report to Mobile market revenue Last year paid that increase 7 percent Compared to 2020 in total $ 448 billion it is arrived.

According to a published report, Average mobile sales price (ASP) in 2021 due to increased demand for 5G devices by 12% annual growth and to $ 322 it is arrived. It is also estimated that 40% of all handsets launched in 2021 will support the 5G network, an increase of 18% compared to 2020.

The mobile market is still conquered by Apple

Apple Once again with a total revenue of $ 196 billion and a share It accounted for 44% of total mobile market revenue last year. The Cupertinos last year saw increased demand for the new iPhone 13 series as well as previous-generation iPhone 12 models. IPhone ASP In 2021 it reached $ 821 and its highest figure in history.

Samsung It is by far in second place with $ 72 billion in revenue. That’s up 11 percent from $ 64 billion in 2020, and tech giant ASP rose 5 percent year-on-year to $ 263.

The third leading brand with revenue of $ 37 billion Xiaomi Its revenue has increased by 49% compared to 2020. India Xiaomi has been the main market for the past year and the Chinese have gained a 14% share in the handset market with a price of more than $ 250.

اوپو It was another leader in the mobile market last year, earning $ 36 billion. The company’s ASP handsets are now up $ 259, up 15 percent. Another noteworthy point is that more than 50% of Oppo phones that have entered the market in 2021, from 5G network They support.

The other subsidiary of BBK is ویوو With $ 34 billion in revenue, it ranks fifth. The company’s ASP handsets reached $ 259 last year and are also the fifth largest brand in terms of global mobile supply in 2021.

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