More details of the canceled Titanfall Legends game revealed

More details of the canceled Titanfall Legends game revealed

In the latest episode of Game Mess Morning, Jeff Grubb revealed new details about the canceled Titanfall Legends game.

According to the report of the Giant Bomb news agency website, “Jeff Grove” (Jeff Grubb) has again revealed confidential information about an unannounced game. Yesterday he released new details on the canceled Titanfall Legends, a title that was officially canceled by Respawn and EA last week.

According to Jeff Grobe, Titanfall Legends was supposed to inspire the acclaimed game Doom Eternal be Respawn studio emphasized that Titanfall Legends game will have only one single player. They were looking to implement a plan to turn Apex Legends into a platform game like the Call of Duty series.

Titanfall Legends was a combination of the Titanfall series and the world of Apex Legends; Therefore, players would encounter “Legends” in it, which would grant certain skills to the playable characters. At the same time, players had less access to the “Titans” and this experience made the single player part of the game unique. In Titanfall Legends, the robot BT played an important role in the story, while the character Rampart was supposed to bring BT back to life.

Canceled game Titanfall Legends

The reason for the cancellation of Titanfall Legends by Jeff Grube

“Jeff Grube” continued to talk about the reason for canceling the development of Titanfall Legends game. He stated that many employees left Respawn during the early days of the game’s development. Then EA found it difficult financially to maintain this project at that point in time. He believes that EA’s logic is that Single player games will not make as much money as multiplayer games.

The title Titanfall Legends was intended to encourage Apex Legends multiplayer fans to experience a single-player game. “Jeff Grube” concluded that Respawn Studio is developing a license-free game, which means that they are working on an original and new title for EA.

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