More supply volume of Radeon RX 7900 graphics series than Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 40

More supply volume of Radeon RX 7900 graphics series than Nvidia's GeForce RTX 40

Apparently, we have to wait for the larger supply volume of the Radeon RX 7900 graphics card series with RDNA 3 architecture, which will be released next month.

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In a report by MyDrivers It seems that AMD has prepared a large volume of Radeon RX 7900 series graphics cards to release on December 13. It is said that Red Team has increased its orders for RX 7900 graphics so that gamers can easily get these models at the time of release.

In this report, it is said that the first stock of Radeon RX 7900 series, which includes both Radeon RX 7900 XTX and Radeon RX 7900 XT models, is not low at all and will be even more than the stock of GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards at the time of release. We know that Nvidia has released 160,000 Ada Lovelace graphics so far, 81.25% of which are RTX 4090 with AD102 chip and the remaining 18.75% are RTX 4080 with AD103 chip.

More supply volume of Radeon RX 7900 graphics card series

Radeon RX 7900 graphics card

GeForce RTX 4090 stock was almost completely sold out at the time of release. At the same time, although the RTX 4080 had a much smaller supply volume, it was not welcomed by users at all. Obviously, many users have abandoned the 4080 at least for the time being due to the $1199 price of this model and the fact that (probably) AMD can provide better performance for the price and consumption.

If AMD really succeeds in beating the GeForce RTX 4080 in the reviews, the demand for the RX 7900 series will undoubtedly be very high. For this reason, increasing the volume of card supply is a good thing for gamers.

graphic card AMD RADEON RX 7900 XTX NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
GPU Navi 31 XTX AD103-300-A1
Construction technology TSMC 5nm + 6nm TSMC 4N
Chip dimensions 300 square mm (GCD)
522 mm² (with MCDs)
379 mm square
Number of transistors 58 billion 45.9 billion
The number of cores 12288 9728
Number of TMU / ROP 384 / 192 304 / 112
Base frequency 2.3 GHz 2.2 GHz
Boost frequency 2.5 GHz 2.5 GHz
FP32 computing power 61 teraflops 49 teraflops
Memory 24 GB
16 GB
Memory bus 384 bits 256 bits
Memory frequency 20 Gbps 22.4 Gbps
Memory bandwidth 960 GB/s 716.8 GB/s
rubber band 96 MB 64 MB
total power 355 watts 320 watts
PCIe interface Unknown PCIe 4.0 x16
Price 999 dollars $1199

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