More than 25,000 tons of Corona-related plastic waste have been dumped in the oceans

بیش از ۲۵ هزار تن زباله پلاستیکی مربوط به کرونا در اقیانوس‌ها رها شده است

By early September, researchers in 193 countries had produced a total of more than 8 million tonnes of disposable corona-related plastic waste, including masks and some medical equipment, more than 25,000 of which had been dumped in the world’s oceans.

Disposal of corona-related plastic waste Can Endanger the lives of marine life. A team of climate experts from Nanjing University in China and the University of California, San Diego wrote in the study:

Plastics abandoned in the ocean can easily travel long distances and encounter marine wildlife, which can cause serious damage or even death.

The waste from human activity on Earth has been so great that it has created the “Great Pacific Waste.” A very large 1.6 million square kilometer landfill in the northern Pacific Ocean, ranging from plastic bottles to fishing tackle.

The effects of garbage on the ocean can be even more widespread. The author of this article explains that over a three-year period, debris generated during the Corona epidemic is likely to start washing up on the beach, accumulating on the beach and coastal sediments, which nevertheless threaten terrestrial species. they do. Also, if waste is turned into microplastics, it can be consumed by humans after entering the food chain.

“This will be a long-term problem for the oceanic environment,” say the researchers.

According to research, 73% of plastic waste in the ocean is disposable medical devices. They also concluded that 72% of all plastic waste comes from Asia. To address this great danger, they suggested better management of medical waste in epidemic centers, especially in developing countries.

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