My Huawei app has been officially released

My Huawei app has been officially released

Huawei continues to expand its proprietary mobile ecosystem, and in its latest move, we see the release of the My Huawei app as. This app provides users with various services.

According to Huawei Mobile CEO Kevin Ho, the My Huawei app offers a range of services provided in separate apps such as Huawei Club, Huawei Mobile Services, Gamer Center and Member Center, whose services are now integrated into a comprehensive app.

The My Huawei app has been in testing for a long time, and now that the beta test phase is over, it has been officially released on Huawei’s proprietary software store, AppGallery. According to the descriptions in the App Store, My Huawei app includes services such as Huawei Mall, Huawei Academy, forums, improving gaming skills, finding the nearest nearby stores, buying products, finding after-sales service centers, and more. Has given place.

Huawei has announced that My Huawei app pursues a simple but important goal, which is easy and fast user access to quality services. With this application, the user no longer needs to install and run several separate applications, and thus has access to the desired services with only one comprehensive application, which reduces the occupation of RAM and storage space of the device.

My Huawei app

This app is currently available to users in the dedicated AppGallery store. AppGallery, as an important part of Huawei’s mobile ecosystem, has more than 500 million monthly active users.

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