Nanorobots move around the wound and kill bacteria

نانوربات‌ها اطراف زخم حرکت کرده و باکتری‌ها را از بین ببرند

The latest medical nanobots can play an antibacterial role in the treatment of localized wounds. In fact, these gadgets can kill the bacteria around the wound to prevent further damage.

So far, there has been a lot of news about small robots helping medical science; The idea of ​​sending small robots to the brain to fight cancer can be mentioned. Now small robots or Nano RobotsThis time come to our aid to from Infection at the wound site Prevent.

Nano robot; A new solution to prevent wound infection

Quoted from Informed sourceThere are many different ideas about the different uses of nanobots. Small robots because Very small size They can also play an important role in medical science. In any case, these robots have now found a new use.

New little robots in Institute of Biological Engineering of Catalonia Invented in Barcelona, ​​can heal open wounds and Disinfection They are effective. Researchers using these very small gadgets, a series Antibiotic substance Have been installed on them. By deploying a group of these nanobots, they can disinfect the wound site and kill bacteria.

To test these robots, laboratory mice were used to heal wounds. Eventually, using them, the researchers were able to stop the wound from progressing. Of course, the condition of the wound itself is also important, and bleeding must be prevented in order to use these tiny robots.

These robots speed up the wound healing process and cause the injured person to suffer less damage. By deploying these robots at the wound site, the bacterial population can apparently be reduced rapidly; It is also in scale 100 to 1000 times.

Obviously, these robots can not do the whole process of wound healing and do most of the work Safety system Is the body. However, disinfecting the wound can be important. We expect these nanobots to be effective in helping injured people in the near future.

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