NASA began recruiting volunteers for a year of Martian life experience

ناسا برای یکسال تجربه زندگی مریخی شروع به استخدام داوطلب کرد

NASA is preparing astronauts to travel to Mars. Such a journey will certainly have dangers that we have not experienced before. So astronauts need to be trained in Martian-like conditions to be fully prepared to face the planet’s problems. In this regard, NASA Decided To train four volunteers at the Mars Dune Alpha Camp for one year.

The 160-square-meter camp is built with 3D printing technology, which is actually a simulation of a Martian camp on Earth. Volunteers in these situations will do things like space walking. In addition, in such situations, communication channels, food and resources will be limited, and people will experience multiple breakdowns of their equipment.

Preparation of Mars Dune Alpha Camp

NASA plans to hold three of these camps, the first of which will take place in the fall of next year. All food for volunteers during this period will be space food. Also, there is currently no window for the camp. In this program, volunteers will probably have to grow a few plants in their work schedule.

NASA has been posting the application form on its website since Friday so that it can find the candidates it wants with certain conditions. The person must have a master’s degree in basic sciences and engineering or pilot experience. Only US citizens or US residents can apply. The volunteer must be between 30 and 55 years old and in good physical condition. Also, the volunteer should not have any diet-related problems and be not prone to motion sickness.

Such conditions indicate that NASA is looking for people with similar conditions to astronauts. The people who will be at the Martian camp will be very similar to those who actually go to Mars. That is why such an experience can be good in every way and everything can go well.

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