NASA green light for unidentified flying object (UFO)

چراغ سبز ناسا برای تحقیق درباره شیء ناشناس پرنده (UFO)

A month after taking the helm of NASA, the new director of the world’s largest space agency, he announced that he would allow scientists to investigate the unidentified flying object (UFO) in any way they could.

Bill Nelson, current NASA director and former governor of Florida who also has a history as an astronaut, has announced Is Scientists at the institute can now study unidentified flying objects. Speculation about the presence of aliens from our planet has intensified following reports from the US military of some unidentified objects being seen in the sky at very high speed and maneuverability.

He pointed out in part that the lack of sufficient information about these unknown creatures and objects and the uncertainty about their alienation or enmity with humans has led to the order to study such a phenomenon. He points out that they are not even sure if the objects seen are a visual error. But he goes on to add that, given the descriptions of the army pilots, the probability of visual error is very low.

Of course, NASA will not create a separate section to study unidentified flying objects, but scientists in that section are allowed to look at this issue from different angles depending on NASA facilities. NASA has stated that it will not direct researchers in a specific direction and that they will be free to use the data collected.

Public attention in recent months has shifted sharply to unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon has announced that it will soon release a number of classified files to the public. Former US President Barack Obama also said in a controversial speech that there are many unspoken things about unknown objects that he is unable to express. A NASA scientist also stated in a recent article in the Washington Post that NASA should make the issue of aliens a priority, such as a trip to Mars.

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