NASA has announced the date of the first flight of the “genius” helicopter on Mars

NASA has announced the date of the first flight of the "genius" helicopter on Mars

NASA’s “genius” helicopter was scheduled to fly over Mars on April 25, but it did not happen. Now NASA officially announced Which tests the flight of genius on April 20.

The 1.8-kilogram helicopter arrived on Mars on February 20 with the “Endurance” astronaut and was scheduled to fly earlier, but NASA’s previous plans have been delayed several times. The genius of April 15 touched the surface of Mars for the first time and has been engaged in various experiments since then.

NASA was scheduled to conduct the first genius test on April 25, but information from a helicopter high-speed wheel test showed that the test ended earlier than normal because the genius computer was trying to switch from pre-flight mode to flight mode. The flight of the NASA helicopter was once again delayed due to minor software problems.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineers then decided to tweak and reinstall Genius Flight Control software. This process took several days. Finally, NASA announced in a tweet on Friday that it has completed its rapid rotation test genius and its flight date will be announced soon. The helicopter has been waiting for some time in the “crater” to finally fly in the sky of Mars.

In his first official flight, Genius climbs to a height of 3 meters and returns to the surface after 30 seconds. The camera installed under this helicopter captures 30 images of the surface of the red planet every second. A larger camera is placed on the horizon that will capture images in flight. At the same time, endurance also shoots from the surface.

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