NASA has released the first X-ray images of the supernova A supernova A

ناسا اولین تصاویر اشعه ایکس از ابرنواختر ذات‌الکرسی A را منتشر کرد

NASA first image of X-ray polarization imaging probe (IXPE) Published. These images show a view of the supernova A supernova, which is actually the remnant of a star that exploded in the 17th century.

Picture that NASA Shows, for the first time, what the X-ray imaging capabilities of this probe are and what interesting events it can have, including Supernova explosions And show us cosmic collisions.

The IXPE probe was launched in early December 2021 and is NASA’s first mission to study X-ray polarizations Or it was an X-ray of light whose vibrations were all tuned in one direction. Using polarizations, the probe tries to explain exactly where X-ray light comes from in space events.

NASA learns more about supernovae with IXPE

The first IXPE image shows X-rays of different intensities, taken by the probe in mid-January. The researchers used this data to create a unique X-ray polarization map ذات‌الکرسی A Will be used to learn more about X-ray production in this supernova.

“Images of the future polarization of IXPE should show the mechanisms at the heart of this cosmic accelerator,” said IXPE researcher Roger Romania. To obtain this information, we developed a method to measure IXPE measurements using Machine learning Let’s be more precise. “We are waiting to see what information we will find by analyzing all the data.”

The second image released (pictured above) shows a supernova A supernova in bright red and blue. This image is a combination of IXPE data (red sections) and Chandra X-ray Observatory (Blue sections) Made. Chandra’s data were recorded shortly after the telescope was launched in 1999, and show evidence that something like a black hole or neutron star is at the center of the supernova remnant.

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