NASA: Hubble’s findings on the expansion of the universe have confused scientists

ناسا: یافته‌های هابل درباره انبساط جهان دانشمندان را سردرگم کرده است

The nearly 30-year-old Hubble Space Telescope continues to make new discoveries. Now NASA has just said that the information that Hubble has collected over the years can provide us with information about World expansion rate Challenge.

One of Hubble’s missions was to learn more about the rate of expansion of the universe. Astronomers have used telescopes like Hubble for years to see how fast our universe is growing. NASA Says Apparently, between the rate of expansion of the world around us and the observations made just after the Big Bang, a Important differences There is.

Hubble Telescope data show that the rate of expansion of the universe is approx 73 Kilometers per second per megaparsec. But previous models had predicted that this figure would be around 67.5 Km / s per megaparsec. Although this discrepancy may not seem like much, it has confused scientists.

NASA: Maybe there is a strange physics involved

The controversy has sparked much controversy, but NASA says the reason is still up to scientists Unknown Is. Hubble Space Telescope data show that A strange coincidence It is happening and we may even face a new branch of physics.

The US space agency is now trying to solve this problem somehow. If we understand the rate of expansion of the universe, we can understand how some celestial objects evolved and came into being. As a result, part of Hubble’s mission has been to create clues to identify the expansion of the universe.

Hubble so far 40 signs Marked that show the expansion of the universe. These signs tell us exactly how fast the space has been growing since the time of the Big Bang. On the other hand, scientists can estimate that the world It was created some time ago. But new findings show that finding the answer to this question is not so easy.

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