NASA Image of the Day: Cosmic clouds in the constellation Cygnus

تصویر روز ناسا: ابرهای کیهانی در صورت فلکی قو

In NASA Day image, we see cosmic clouds in the constellation Cygnus. Constellation “SwanIt is one of the most recognizable constellations of the northern sky in summer and autumn. This constellation has a bright star called «North Cross»Which makes it easy to identify this constellation.

At the top Image، سحابی «NGC 6888We see that with the name of the nebula «CrescentIs also known. This nebula is approx 25 light years It is far from the ground. This nebula is nearing the end of its life and is expected to finally shine in a spectacular – Supernova explosion – End your life.

In this image, the glow of hydrogen and oxygen is seen in the cosmic clouds. Cosmic clouds mainly from 78% hydrogen، 20% helium And 2% Of elements such as Oxygen And Iron Have been formed.

The space between the stars is not empty. This space is full of cosmic clouds of gas and dust. Although it is very difficult to observe these clouds even on a dark night and with the naked eye it is almost impossible, but the data collected with the camera and telephoto lens are able to capture these images.

The constellation of Swan is one of 48 constellations Is by «بطلیموسAstronomer of the century Second Was identified and listed.

Another star in the constellation, “NMLIs one of the largest known stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

This constellation is also a habitat «Cygnus X-1” Is. Cygnus X-1 is a system دوتایی Contains a large black hole that radiates radiation X. has it.

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