NASA Image of the Day: Reflection of a meteorite in Lake Nianchin, China

NASA Image of the Day: Reflection of a meteorite in Lake Nianchin, China

This شهاب شلیاقی (Lyrid meteor) in the first hours of April 24 / May 4, in our view, passed in front of the center of the Milky Way and created a moment of brilliant reflection in Lake Nianchin, China. This meteor is just one of several meteors in the rainy season in the sky appeared.

Origin of meteor showers

Meteor showers originate far in the solar system. At Abort cloud (Oort Cloud) means the boundary of the solar system. There are many pieces of rock and ice, which sometimes have gravitational anomalies and move towards the sun.

As the rocks and ice pass through Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun, the sun’s heat sublimates the ice inside them, leaving a trail of dust behind. This shining piece of ice «to be continuedIs called. Comets leave piles of dust and rock in their path; Until there is nothing left of them.

On its way around the sun, the earth passes through these dust masses, and these particles burn when they hit the earth’s atmosphere, leaving a trace in the sky. Trace these burnt particles «falling star“And if these particles are large enough to pass through the atmosphere and hit the ground,”Meteorite” called.

Annual meteor showers from comet remnants Thatcher (Thatcher) Occurs in early May. As the Earth passes through these dust masses in space, the trajectory of each of them ends at the hypothetical center, which is called the constellation boundary of that region of the sky. The center of a meteor shower in the constellation شلیاق (Lyra) which is easily visible in the summer sky.

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