NASA Image of the Day: Tau-Hercules meteor shower from space

تصویر روز ناسا: بارش شهابی تاو-هرکولید از فضا

On the evening of June 10, 1401, a rare meteor shower was visible from all over Earth, and astronomers speculated that this Tau Herculids meteor shower would surprise us with its unprecedented number of meteors or not happen at all. Photographs released by photographers in the following days showed that we did not experience the meteor shower of the century, but it was a memorable night for those who reached the dark sky.

NASA image today An open view with an eight-degree field of view from outside the Earth’s atmosphere, which shows tens of meteors in a five-minute record. This image was taken by the China Space Agency’s Yangwang 1 Space Telescope during the Tau-Hercules meteor shower.

Tau-Hercules meteor shower

Although Tau Hercules did not have bright meteors, astronomers assumed that there was more active rainfall than in previous years, with more meteors hitting Earth. But the meteors were not bright enough to be recorded by ground-based instruments.

Meteor showers with dust particles left over from comet SW 3 were first observed in 1830. The last time the comet passed by Earth, it split into about 70 pieces, and astronomers speculate that it may split into more pieces in the future.

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