NASA Image of the Day: The Hamburger Galaxy in the Leo Trio

NASA Image of the Day The Hamburger Galaxy in the NASA Image of the Day: The Hamburger Galaxy in the Leo Trio 1

Today NASA telescopic image of the galaxy tablet NGC3628 Published The tablet is separated by a line of dark dust. This interesting galaxy, which we see from the edge, is called because of its shape Hamburger Galaxy Is also known.

This image shows a small galaxy near NGC3628 and its tidal tails. The small, faint galaxy is probably the hard-to-see galaxy NGC3628. Tidal tail NGC3628 to 300,000 light years It continues in space and extends to the top of the left frame and even beyond.

Leo trio

NGC3628, or Hamburger, is adjacent to the two large, spiral galaxies M65 and M66, which astronomers call the Galaxy. Leo trio Or The Leo Triplet. Researchers and astronomers speculate that gravitational interactions between the three galaxies may have caused the galaxy to tide.

This galaxy, which is like an island suspended in space, has a diameter of One hundred thousand light years And at a distance 35 million light years Is from us. You can see this galaxy in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

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