NASA Image of the Day: The most accurate simulation of the formation of galaxy clusters

تصویر روز ناسا: دقیق‌ترین شبیه‌سازی از شکل‌گیری خوشه‌های کهکشانی

One of the most interesting astrophysical issues today is how it is formed Galactic clusters (Galaxy clusters). Astronomers have been working on this problem and its possibilities for a long time now and have done simulations for it. Our world is moving and evolving at such a slow pace that it is impossible for us to comprehend its changes. But with computer simulations, it can be speeded up and examined better.

Picture or better to say NASA video today Is a new update to the “Illustris” simulation that “Elastress Tianji 50(IllustrisTNG50). At the beginning of this video, it shows the intergalactic gas and dust that existed at the beginning of the early universe, and by the end of the video, their evolution is shown according to the laws of hydrodynamics and gravity.

Investigation of Elastress Simulation Simulation 50

As the universe ages, gravitational force causes matter to collapse and form galaxies, to rotate and collide. In the second part of the video, only the movement of the stars is followed and the formation of this cluster with stellar currents and Tidal motion They are shown.

The output currents of black holes are surprisingly complex, but have been successfully investigated with this simulation. In addition, simulation TNG50 It is very accurate compared to real data from the world today and gives us almost a realistic picture.

Studying the evolution of intergalactic gases and clouds in the early universe will help humans answer some of their fundamental questions and better understand how the earth, sun, and solar system formed.

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