NASA releases record-breaking video of genius helicopter on Mars

انتشار ویدیوی رکوردشکنی هلیکوپتر نبوغ در مریخ از سوی ناسا

Helicopter Genius (Ingenuity) NASA with its black and white camera showed a video of its record-breaking flight on the 25th. In this video, a NASA helicopter travels a distance of 740 meters 5.5 meters per hour It is the longest and fastest flight to the Red Planet.

Ingeduity team leader Teddy Zentos of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said:

“To record this record-breaking flight, the genius downward navigation camera provided us with images that show a flight 10 meters above the surface of Mars at a speed of 5.5 meters per hour.”

According to the description provided, the helicopter After reaching a height of 10 meters, Moves southwest and reaches its maximum speed in less than three seconds. Along the way of this helicopter, first we see layers of sand and then from the middle of it, some large rocks can be seen. At the end of the video, the NASA helicopter reaches a flat place, which is a good place to land.

Also, the original version of the flight was a total of 161.3 seconds, which in this video, its speed has increased almost 5 times and its duration has been reduced to less than 35 seconds.

Security feature of genius helicopter navigation camera

The genius navigation camera is programmed to deactivate whenever the helicopter reaches a height of 1 meter above the surface of Mars. In fact, scientists make sure that no dust enters the internal navigation system during takeoff and landing.

Genius flights are completely independent. In fact, NASA scientists send them as instructions to the Perseverance rover and then transport them to a helicopter. The helicopter is said to be preparing for its 29th flight.

NASA’s Genius Helicopter recently released images of the wreckage of the endurance rover, showing an umbrella, a protective shell and other parts of it.

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